I am an end-to-end designer with an appetite for strategy, systems thinking, and innovation. I am a curious thinker (always asking WHY), a natural researcher (I Google everything), and a born tinkerer who loves to get my hands dirty when it comes to creative work. I recently completed a Masters degree in HCI and design after nine years in healthcare, where I took on many roles in research, service design, and implementation of data management platforms in clinical programs.

From Vancouver, Beautiful BC. 🇨🇦
Currently based in Seattle.


Masters of Human Computer Interaction + Design (MHCI+D)
2021, University of Washington, Seattle

BA, Psychology
2011, University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Research-validated design

Working in clinical research and quality improvement for nine years taught me rigour and methodology for evidence-based design.

Clarifying complexity

I turn messy, complex, ambiguous challenges into coherent designs by identifying key patterns and objectives that underlie the design problem.

Hearing and balancing user needs

I'm great at engaging with people at all levels and in different roles to understand where they are coming from and what they need. I'm usually the person negotiating design requirements between different groups with competing needs.

Cross-functional collaboration

I'm often the point person between execs, administrative staff, researchers, developers, and end users. There is nothing more rewarding than finding ways to deliver meaningful experiences and outcomes to everyone involved. I am also a big fan of participatory design to empower others to unleash their creativity.